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Cele­bra­te on the Alm

Com­pa­ny parties

Christ­mas par­ties, employee cele­bra­ti­ons and cus­to­mer events. Prepa­re your employees and busi­ness part­ners a uni­que expe­ri­ence with a spe­cial charm.

Fami­ly gatherings

Whe­ther it’s a bir­th­day, anni­ver­sa­ry or fami­ly cele­bra­ti­on, our team ensu­res that every cele­bra­ti­on beco­mes an unfor­gettable event.

Wed­ding in the “Alm-Fest­stu­be”

Ever­yo­ne dreams of an unfor­gettable wed­ding! We are at your side in the plan­ning and rea­liza­ti­on of your dream wed­ding. Our goal for you is to enjoy the most beau­tiful day of your life to the ful­lest. Our all-inclu­si­ve alpi­ne wed­ding is very popu­lar. We sup­port you in word and deed with the plan­ning and the neces­sa­ry pre­pa­ra­ti­ons. Be it the choice of menu or buf­fet, the deco­ra­ti­on and the design of the pro­gram — we look for­ward to pro­vi­ding you with indi­vi­du­al sup­port and advice!


Just give us a call or use our reser­va­ti­on form so that we can make an appoint­ment with you and crea­te an indi­vi­du­al offer. We like to take our time for you.


Plea­se note: Wed­dings or small cele­bra­ti­ons in the “Alm-Fest­stu­be” are limi­t­ed to a maxi­mum of 50 people.

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